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Circuit Court of Missouri

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CV 195-393CC

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Poplar Bluff Physicians Group, Inc., dba Doctors Regional Medical Center, and Ben N. Till, M.D., Thomas A. Dodd, M.D., Gary W. Dausmann, M.D., Rick L. McGath, M.D., Richard Gayle, D.O., David Gayle, D.O., Mark A. Bauman, M.D., Kenneth C. Li, M.D., John P. Christy, M.D., E.T. Hansbrough, M.D., E.C. Hansbrough, M.D., Wendell Elliott, M.D., Joseph Hecker, M.D., Gilbert D. Smith, M.D., Kirby L. Turner, M.D., Michael D. Laseter, M.D., R.E. Ramirez, M.D., A.D. Madduri, M.D., Robert C. Young, M.D., N.C. Chauhan, M.D., R. Kingsley Bost, M.D., Ann L. Peick, M.D., William L. Traxel, M.D., S.D. Madduri, M.D., A.N. Reddy, M.D., Jonathan Johnson, M.D., Frederick D. Jones, M.D., dba Kneibert Clinic.

Case Description

State sought damages and injunctive relief, alleging that Defendants, Poplar Bluff Physicians Group, Inc., along with several individual physicians, conspired to steer prescription drug and other ancillary medical goods and services business to themselves in order to monopolize the business. In order to resolve the dispute without further litigation, Defendants entered a consent judgment in which Defendants agreed to refrain from attempting to steer such business toward themselves at the expense of competition. Additionally, the State received monetary relief totaling $300,000.