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Settlement Amount

$45,000 costs


Merrimack County Superior court, New Hampshire

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Simon Property Group, Inc.; Sterling Jewelers, Inc.

Case Description

Plaintiff State sought penalties and other relief, alleging that defendants conspired to bar the entry of a local businessperson into the Pheasant Lane Mall, a major shopping center in Nashua, New Hampshire. The state alleged that a local jeweler obtained entry into the shopping center and signed a lease on a kiosk from which the jeweler intended to market unmounted diamonds, and to compete aggressively on price with other jewelers in the shopping center. The state alleged that Simon, the manager of the shopping center, abruptly terminated the lease of the new entrant upon complaints from Sterling, the owner and operator of two jewelry stores in the shopping center, relating to the local jeweler’s pricing policies. The defendants each executed separate assurances of discontinuance, and the State received investigative costs.