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U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

Docket Number

00 Civ. No. 0363 (JSR)

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Allied Waste Industries, Inc., Suburban Carting Corp., et al

Case Description

New York challenged the proposed acquisition by a large integrated waste hauling and disposal firm, Allied, of two large local waste companies, the Suburban and Galante companies, in densely-populated Westchester County, New York. Allied already owned a substantial Westchester operation, Valley Carting Corp. New York’s complaint alleged that the deal would have highly concentrated the Westchester market for waste collection, hauling and disposal for commercial customers, leading to higher prices. The matter was settled and a final judgment entered requiring Allied to divest five of Valley’s hauling routes, plus one of Suburban’s, totaling about $5 million per year in revenues. The judgment also required Valley to provide 150 tons per day of transfer station disposal rights to the purchaser of the divested operations. The Attorney General had approval rights over the purchaser and ultimately did approve the firm which acquired the assets.