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U.S. District Court for the Southen District of New York, and 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

Docket Number

85 Civ 1887, 86 Civ 8128 (SDNY)

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Cedar Park Concrete Corp., Century-Maxim Construction Corp./concrete construction industry

Case Description

New York alleged that the more than 30 named defendants participated in a collusive bid-rigging and market-allocation scheme involving all major concrete construction work worth over $2,000,000 in New York City between 1978 and 1985. Defendants included ready-mix concrete companies, high-rise construction companies, and various individuals who played major roles in the scheme. NY alleged that bids were rigged and work was allocated on major high-rise building projects, both public and private, including the (Javits) New York Convention and Exposition Center. Most defendants settled; one went to trial (see Julius Nasso Construction). Claims by the defendant companies for work done on the Javits Center were dismissed as part of the settlement.