Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$3.375 million


U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York

Docket Number

CV-85-0208 (ILG)

Lead State


Participating States



A-1 Carting Corp., Pasquale Pezza and Joseph Pezza; Grand Carting-Inc.; Enviro Carting, Inc d/b/a Island Carting Co., MCM Sanitation, Inc. d/b/a Island Carting Co., Charles Cannizzaro and Anthony Miello; Sail Carting and Recycling Corp., Ernest DeMatteo and Edward Matteo; Five Counties Carting Corp., Wayside Carting, Inc. and Frank Rotundo; Sail Sanitation, Inc., Sanicare, Inc. and Anthony Vespucci; Jamaica Ash & Rubbish Removal Corp., Inc. and Emedio Fazzini; 3M Carting, Inc., Ace Garbage & Rubbish Removal, Inc. Joseph Petrizzo; Vinnie Monte’s Waste Systems, Inc. and Vincent Montesano; Unique SanitationCo., Inc. and Nicholas Ferrante; Detail Carting Co., Inc. and Thomas Ronga; Standard Commercial Cartage, Inc; John Haynes and Robert Schuman; S.P.F. Carting Corp. and Sidney P. Fenster; James J. Corrigan, Jr.; and Cavalier Carting Corp. and Virgil Guerriero.

Case Description

New York alleged bid rigging for garbage contracts. Certain defendants submitted bids to the state for private garbage removal services, while others did not. Defendants submitted non-collusion letters to the state.

The 17 defendants agreed to pay a total of $3.375 million in cash and/or community services. The agreement provided that 75% of this amount had to be in cash and would be distributed to the governmental entities on a proportionate basis. The remaining 25% could be paid by community service benefitting those represented by the Attorney General as parens patriae. Further, parties agreed to settlement terms with the State for an injunction prohibiting restraint of trade in the sale of private garbage collection services. The settlement required publication of a “Garbage Carting Customer Bill of Rights,” the filing of all garbage carting contracts with the attorney general, and the publication of the consent judgment and notice to all employees and their successors.