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Court of Common Pleas, Marion County, Ohio

Docket Number

98 CV 0033

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The Frederick C. Smith Clinic, Inc.; Dalsukh A. Madia M.D.; Charles Garvin, M.D.;
Henry G. Heinzmann, M.D.; Roberto Concepcion, M.D.; Assad Sabag, M.D.;
Marion Independent Physicians Association; Marion General Hospital; OhioHealth Corp.

Case Description

State of Ohio filed suit to preclude the merger of Marion General Hospital and MedCenter Hospital. Concern centered on competition in the market for outpatient services. Case settled. Defendants were: prohibited from discriminating against physicians who invest in a competing outpatient facility; required to provide ‘market basket’ price and volume information for outpatient services upon request by the State for 7 years; required to lease, not purchase, the assets of the merging companies for use in the new entity for a period of 8 years; required to provide the Attorney General with physician services concentration information for a period of 7 years.