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U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania

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Participating States



Conemaugh Health System; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Lee Hospital (UPMC Lee)

Case Description

Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General filed a complaint and consent decree, allowing Conemaugh Health System’s purchase of UPMC Lee’s assets. The consent decree requires Conemaugh to negotiate contracts for its inpatient and outpatient hospital services in good faith; provide access and equal treatment to Conemaugh’s hospital services even if the patient purchases other healthcare services from non-Conemaugh providers; allow health plans to purchase hospital services without having to buy other healthcare services from the Conemaugh system; allow qualified physicians in Cambria and Northern Somerset counties to apply for privileges at Conemaugh; and provide patients with a list of durable medical equipment, non-emergency transportation, and home healthcare service providers so that patients have the ability to choose their own providers.