Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$100,000 costs


Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

Docket Number

344 MD 2011

Lead State


Participating States



Geisinger Medical Center; Shamokin Area Community Hospital

Case Description

State challenged merger on the grounds that it could lessen competition for primary or secondary acute care hospital services sold to Medicare plans and primary and non-tertiary physician services in Northumberland County, PA. Parties entered into a settlement that the AG said seeks to preserve health-care competition in the region while ensuring good faith negotiations with health plans and maintaining high quality and affordable health services to the community. Geisinger Medical Center will extend Shamokin Area Community Hospital’s Medicare Advantage Plan Contracts with health plans for three years from the date of closing. Geisinger Medical Center will extend privileges to independent physicians in Northumberland County with privileges at Shamokin.