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Superior Court of California at Los Angeles

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Econolite Control Products Inc.

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Because of proprietary characteristics, all controllers in traffice control systems purchased by local jurisdictions have to be the same brand in order for all the signals to work correctly together. The complaint alleged that public entities’ plans and specifications for new traffic signals may require use of proprietary Econolite equipment such as controllers or video detection systems. In jurisdictions that already use Econolite systems, electrical contractors bidding on installation jobs cannot substitute proprietary equipment from other manufacturers because alternative equipment does not function properly with other signals containing Econolite equipment. Econolite requires electrical contractors who want to buy its proprietary equipment to also purchase from Econolite non-proprietary equipment, such as emergency vehicle preemption systems and the actual traffic signals. Econolite is the sole distributor of its proprietary equipment. After trial, final judgment for the state was entered in 2007.