Case Details

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Year Resolved


Lead State


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Daniel Lynch, John Maggio, Nelson Rivera, Robert Wiesner


Combination in restraint of trade and competition, 4 counts Lynch, 3 counts Maggio, 4 counts Rivera, 2 counts Wiesner; Grand larceny in the 2d degree: 3 counts Lynch; Grand larceny in the 3rd degree; 6 counts Lynch, 2 counts Maggio; Conspiracy in the 4th degree; 2 counts Lynch, 1 count Maggio; Falsifying business records in the 1st degree 6 counts Lynch, 2 counts Maggio, 2 counts Rivera; Offering a false instrument for filing in the 1st degree; 1 count Lynch, 1 count Maggio, Money laundering in the 2nd degree, 2 counts Lynch, 1 count Maggio; Money laundering in the 3rd degree, 1 count Lynch

Sentence Imposed

Lynch: 2 1/3 to 7 years, $600,000 restitution
Rivera: 5 years probation, ban from state employment, forfeited pension ($36,000), $25,000 fine
Maggio: 1 year conditional discharge, 200 hours community service, $350,000 restitution
Wiesner: 3 year conditional discharge, $5,000 fine, $3,000 forfeit of illegal gain

Case Description

Defendants, government officials and executives at private companies, engaged in an ongoing bid-rigging scheme to rig the bids o fcertain local development corporation contracts in Monroe County New York. The scheme included funneling contracts to favored entities, creating fake contracts, inflating subcontracts and submitting false invoices. Participants also laundered the proceeds through payments for their personal benefit, payments relating to golf, and political payments.