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Illinois Circuit Court

Docket Number

98 CH 12

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Debrun, Robert (d/b/a Robert Debrun, Asphalt Service); Hausmann; George (d/b/a Vandalia Asphalt Service)

Case Description

The Illinois Attorney General began to investigate possible bid-rigging practices between two local contractors for oil spreading services on roads in south central Illinois in 1995. The U.S. Department of Justice particpated in the investigation from time-to-time, including providing consensual wiretaps on certain telephone lines. Eventually, the Illinois Attorney General filed suit against two contractors, Robert Debrun and George Hausmann. The Illinois Attorney General settled with Hausmann whereby Hausmann paid $80,000 and agreed to cooperate in exchange for immunity for himself, his wife and his step-son. The case against Debrun went to trial, and the court entered judgment for the State and assessed a $20,000 civil penalty againt Debrun, $15,000 of which Debrun eventually paid.