Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Lead State


Participating States


Greg Doherty; Kathleen Drake; William Gilman; Thomas Green; Edward Keane, William McBurnie; Edward McNenney; Joseph Peiser


grand larceny, intent to defraud, antitrust,

Sentence Imposed

Gilman and McNenney, conviction overturned
Remaining defendants, acquitted

Case Description

A New York County grand jury indicted eight employees of the insurance broker Marsh McLennan, alleging that they colluded with certain insurers to arrange noncompetitive excess casualty bids and conveyed the bids to clients under false pretenses. Two of the former employees were convicted on a single count each of violating the Donnelly Act, New York’s antitrust statute, and were sentenced to 16 weekends in jail and five years probation. The court dismissed twenty other larceny and fraud counts. At least eighteen other people have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from New York’s investigation of the insurance industry. The remainng defendants were acquitted of all charges. In 2010, the trial judge threw out the convictions on the basis of newly-discovered evidence.