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Illinois Circuit Court, Fourth Judicial District

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Hensely, Greg; Alton, Roy; Roy-don, Inc.: Meyer; Michael; Durr, Ronald; Darran R. Wright, and Michael J. Smith

Case Description

The Illinois Attorney General filed suit against six auto repair shop owners for price-fixing in violation of the Illinois Antitrust Act, 740 ILCS 10/3. The Attorney General alleged that the owners agreed to raise their service charges for labor and their charges for refinishing-related materials. Five of the six owners signed a written contract to that effect. The Attorney General dismissed the case against one owner in exchange for his cooperation and settleed with three other owners for $12,000. The Attorney General proceeded to trial against one owner, Greg Hensley, who owned Greg’s Auto Body. After trial, the court ruled in the Attorney General’s favor and issued a permanent injunction and assessed a civil penalty of $5,000 against Hensley. Hensley apparently left Illinois, and the judgment against him was unable to be collected.