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Super Court of California, Los Angeles County

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Pratibha Syntex Ltd.

Case Description

Plaintiff state filed suits against international apparel manufacturer for gaining an unfair competitive advantage over American companies by using pirated software in the production of clothing imported and sold in California. The complaint alleged that the foreign apparel manufacturer, based in India, who did not paid software licensing fees has a significant cost advantage in the low-margin business of apparel manufacturing, shipment and sales. The company did not pay licensing fees for software products manufactured by Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec and others. Since 2010, Pratibha shipped approximately 19,000 pounds of apparel products into California. The complaint alleges that the company obtained an unfair advantage because it can redirect money saved by using pirated software to hire employees and to expand their facilities and their research and development efforts. Furthermore, American companies that are developing software, particularly software that is used in the garment industry, are discouraged from investing in new technology and products if they know their software will be used illegally. In December 2015, a settlement was reached, the first time a state has secured a legally enforceable judgment against an international company for these types of violations. The settlement requires Pratibha Syntex to pay $100,000 in restitution within 30 days. The settlement prohibits Pratibha Syntex from using unlicensed software or reproducing any part of a copyrighted software program without the permission of the legitimate copyright holder, and further requires the company to perform four complete audits of the software on their computers and fix any violations within 45 days. In addition, Pratibha Syntex must draft an information technology policy statement regarding the use of licensed software and distribute this policy to all employees