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atorneys' fees and costs


U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada

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Universal Health Services, Inc.; Alan B. Miller; Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.

Case Description

The Las Vegas area has a highly concentrated market for acute inpatient psychiatric services, whichinvolves the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients deemed, due to an acute psychiatric condition, to be a threat to themselves or others or unable to perform basic life functions. According to the complaint, the acquisition would have reduced the number of meaningful competitors from four to three and the combined firm would have controlled about 70% of the Las Vegas market for this service if the acquisition had occurred as planned. The parties agreed to divest two hospitals, to hold them separate until a buyer could be found, to notify the FTC and the state of any future acquisitions, and to pay the states attorneys fees and investigatory costs. In December 2011, the state approved the divestiture of two hospitals to Strategic Behavioral Health, LLC under the court order.