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Supreme Court of New York, Onondaga County

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Eastern Ambulance Service, Inc.; Tender Loving Care Medical Transportation Services, Inc.; Community Ambulance Service, Inc.; Yenawine, Martin, Barnes, Robertt II; Butler, David

Case Description

Eastern Ambulance service controlled 90% of the private ambulance service market. TLC controlled 50% of the private wheelchair transportation services market. Beginning in 1979, Eastern, TLC and various other ambulance service providers entered into market allocation agreements. In one such agreement, Eastern Ambulance agreed not to provide private wheelchair transportation services in TLC’s market area, and TLC agreed not to provide ambulance services in Eastern Ambulance’s market areas. Defendant companies entered these market allocation agreements with the specific intent to monopolize and restrain the furnishing of private ambulance services in Onondaga County, New York. Finally, Eastern’s 1982 purchase of Watson Ambulance Service eliminated all market competition; accordingly, the purchase constituted an anti-competitive acquisition. The civil case was settled in 1989. TLC agreed to a five year injunction, agreed to support the Attorney General’s efforts to change the laws governing private ambulance service providers, and to adopt a document retention policy. Eastern Ambulance agreed to the above terms, as well as $35,000 in damages