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Dean Foods Products Company

Case Description

Dean Foods Products Company is a Tennessee corporation and its business includes selling and distributing milk and other dairy products in Tennessee to certain governmental units including school boards and districts and others in Tennessee. Certain West Tennessee school districts prepared invitations for bids for milk and other dairy products and sent them to various firms including the defendant. Defendants and others had discussions, exchanged information, or agreed with each other, before bids were opened, as to which of them would be the successful bidder, for certain districts or areas. Defendants and others, at times, would agree between or among themselves to allocate certain routes, territories, governmental entities including schools, or other areas. The effects were that competition for milk was lessened and that others were deprived of full and free competition. Various governmental entities or others were injured as a result of these practices. The State and its general economy itself were injured. The case was settled and defendants paid $250,000 in damages.