Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Settlement Amount

$200,000 (damages & atty's fees)


345th Judicial District, Travis County, Texas

Docket Number

Cause No. 9701675

Lead State


Participating States



Flowers Baking Company of
Texas, Inc. and Flowers Baking Company of Tyler, Inc.

Case Description

State of Texas filed suit for damages and injunction alleging Defendant Flowers Baking Company participated in conspiracies regarding wholesale pricing of bread and bread products and regarding allocation and bid-rigging of contracts for the supply of bread and bread products to tax-supported entities, including state governmental entities The case settled. Defendant agreed to injunctive relief and paid the state a total of $200,000 for reimbursement of damages as well as attorney fees. The State settled a related suit with Mrs. Bairds Bakeries (see Texas v. Mrs. Bairds Bakeries).