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Thomas J. Mason, Company, Inc.; Thomas J. Mason; Jeffrey G. Schultz


Bid-rigging, conspiracy in restraint of trade, conspiracy to injure business of another (misdemeanor)

Sentence Imposed

$125,000 fine, home detention

Case Description

Thomas J. Mason and Mason Company were charged with five counts of conspiracy in restraint of trade and Schultz was charged with three counts of conspiracy in restraint of trade. The Mason Company entered a no contest plea to one felony count of conspiracy in restraint of trade, was fined $25,000 and was ordered to pay $125,000 in civil damages to Milwaukee County. Mason and Schultz each entered no contest pleas to two misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to injure the business of another. The State argued for jail time using the federal antitrust sentencing guidelines as persuasive authority and evidence presented at the preliminary hearing in the matter to demonstrate the overcharges caused by the defendants’ alleged complementary bidding scheme. In response to the prosecution’s arguments, Mason was ordered to serve 120 days under home detention on the county’s electronic monitoring program. Schultz was sentenced to 60 days of home detention. Both Mason and Schultz were fined an additional $500. In addition, the Mason Company agreed not to bid on Milwaukee County flooring projects for one year. (See related case State of Wisconsin vs Orlandini)