Case Details

Year Initiated/Committed


Year Resolved


Lead State


Participating States


Fletcher, L. Brent


Bribery, racketeering, collusion, conspiracy, group boycott with the intent to eliminate competition

Sentence Imposed

$25,000 criminal fine; forfeiture of business interests in security companies, prison time

Case Description

According to the State, the defendants were all part of an elaborate scheme to collude and conspire to restrict competition for security services for Utah Power and Light. L. Brent Fletcher, an employee of UP&L, was responsible fo rcontracting and management of security services for UP&L frm 1976 to 1984. During that time, defendants Michael Wall, Bruce Conklin and Michael Ziermski created a shell company that provided Fletcher with bribes in order to win security contracts. IN the Thompson case, the Utah Court of Appeals ruled that under the Utah Antitrust Act, a vertical boycott was a per se criminal violation. The case was reversed on appeal to the Utah Supreme Court on other grounds, 810 P.2d 415 (Utah 1991).