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Uath District Court, Salt Lake City District

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University of Utah

Case Description

Utah entered into a settlement with the University of Utah for its alleged role in a conspiracy to fix the wages of registered nurses (RNs) in Salt Lake County, Utah and for alleged physician price-fixing. At the same time, the Department of Justice Antitrust Division entered into consent decrees with eight hospitals that allegedly participated in the wage conspiracy, as well as the Utah Hospital Association (UHA), and the Utah Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (USHHRA). The State’s consent decree required the University to follow guidelines concerning sharing information about nurse wages, and prohibited the University from allocating hospital services with any competing facility or from requiring subspecialist pediatricians to negotiate contracts with managed care plans exclusively through the University. Under the decree, the University was required to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent the reinstatement or reformation of Pediatric Faculty Physicians, Inc., which was involved in negotiating physician fees. The Utah Attorney General’s office would monitor compliance with the consent decree and cooperate with federal authorities by providing the DOJ with all information obtained in any compliance review under the State decree. The State also would obtain any additional documents or information requested by DOJ.