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Settlement Amount

$19,777 attorneys fees and costs


U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington

Docket Number

CY 03 3128 RHW

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Surgical Specialists of Yakima, PLLC; Cascade Surgical Partners, Inc., PLLC; Yakima Surgical Associations, Inc., P.S.

Case Description

Defendants allegedly formed Sugical Specialists of Yakima as a vehicle primarily for jointly negotiating fees for most of the general surgery services in Yakima, WA. They refused to negotiate individually. The physicians did not use SSY to otherwise integrate their offices or operations. Prices for surgical services increased as planned. Defendants agreed to Injunctive relief prohibiting defendants from jointly negotiating with payors or jointly refusing to negotiate with payors, except in furtherance of a qualified risk-sharing joint venture or that solely involves physicians in the same medial group practice.