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Thomas Orlandini and Falls Floor Covering


bid-rigging, conspiracy in restraint of trade, conspiracy to injure business of another (misdemeanor)

Sentence Imposed

$51,000 fines and restitution

Case Description

As part of a negotiated settlement, Falls entered a plea of guilty to one felony count of conspiracy in restraint of trade in violation of Wisconsin’s antitrust law. Mr. Orlandini entered a plea of guilty to two counts of conspiracy to injure the business of another in violation of sec. 134.01, a statute separate from the Wisconsin antitrust statute. Defendant Falls was fined $25,000 and agreed to make restitution totaling $25,000. Orlandini was fined the maximum amount under sec. 134.01 of $500 on each count. (See related case, State of Wisconsin vs Thomas J. Mason et al.)