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NAAG Center for Supreme Court Advocacy

Dan Schweitzer

NAAG Supreme Court Director and Chief Counsel
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Parker Schmidt

NAGTRI Program Specialist
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The NAAG Center for Supreme Court Advocacy helps states present cases effectively before the United States Supreme Court. The Center, led by its Director and Chief Counsel Dan Schweitzer, does this in a variety of ways.

Moot Courts - The Center conducts 15 to 25 moot courts each Supreme Court Term for state attorneys and other attorneys representing state agencies and officials in the Supreme Court. Moot court panelists are experienced Supreme Court practitioners, including members of the U.S. Solicitor General’s office, former Supreme Court clerks, and Supreme Court experts in private practice, academia, and the government.

Editing Briefs - Mr. Schweitzer edits 40 to 50 briefs filed by state attorneys with the Supreme Court each Term, including merits briefs, amicus briefs, cert petitions and replies, and briefs in opposition.

Conferences and Training - The Center hosts two conferences every year: a two-day conference in Washington, D.C. on Supreme Court advocacy; and a two-day conference for state Solicitors General and appellate chiefs. Mr. Schweitzer also presents and oversees training programs on legal writing and appellate advocacy.

Amicus Brief Support - The Center assists states seeking amicus support and writing amicus briefs by, among other things, circulating memoranda and draft briefs to designated “amicus contacts” in each state.

Publications - The Center publishes the Supreme Court Report twice a month during the Supreme Court Term, summarizing opinions issued, and cases granted review, by the Court.

Fellows Program - Every year, six state attorneys spend three to four months with the Center obtaining direct and intensive hands-on exposure to Supreme Court practice. The Fellows attend oral argument and the moot courts, draft the Supreme Court Report, and often prepare a multi-state amicus brief.

Miscellaneous - The Center also advises state attorneys on Supreme Court procedure and serves as a liaison with the U.S. Solicitor General’s office and with the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk’s office.

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