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Karen Cordry

Bankruptcy/ State Defensive Litigation Chief Counsel
(202) 326-6025 |

NAAG's Bankruptcy counsel works with Offices of Attorneys General on a daily basis to provide assistance and counseling on issues that arise in specific cases. In addition to this one-on-one assistance, NAAG's Bankruptcy Counsel conducts numerous training sessions for state counsel. The primary event is a multi-day training program on bankruptcy law for government lawyers held in the fall of each year, in conjunction with the States' Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. Counsel is also available to provide a one-day training session in the office of any interested attorney general on the basics of bankruptcy law, as well as shorter programs on topics of specific interest, such as the effect of bankruptcy proceedings on attorney general actions in the areas of consumer or environmental protection.

In addition, she also speaks to numerous other governmental and private groups about the interaction of bankruptcy and governmental actions. Prior speeches have touched on areas ranging from health care and charities regulation, to workers' compensation, to privacy and consumer issues arising out of “going out of business sales.” She publishes a monthly Bankruptcy Bulletin that highlights cases of particular interest to government counsel and is in the process of preparing a second edition of Bankruptcy Law and the Governmental Regulatory Process, an extensive manual she wrote on bankruptcy law as it relates to government issues. Counsel also has helped write and edit numerous amicus briefs by the states on bankruptcy issues and written many articles on bankruptcy issues relating to government concerns.

NAAG Bankruptcy Counsel also provides substantive assistance to Offices of Attorneys General on important multi-state cases in drafting pleadings and appearing on behalf of the states on common issues that arise in bankruptcy cases. In light of counsel's location in Washington, D.C., she can readily arrange to appear for states in bankruptcy hearings in Delaware and New York, locales in which many of the major cases, such as the Chrysler and General Motors bankruptcies, have been filed. This assistance may range from providing editing assistance on briefs to actually taking the lead role in representing a group of states on common bankruptcy issues in specific cases. Prior cases have involved issues such as remedying contaminated sites owned by a debtor or obtaining restitution for victims of a predatory lender. Counsel has publicized these state initiatives through a column that she writes twice a year for the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal on governmental affairs. Counsel also works with the NAAG Tobacco attorneys to provide assistance and counseling on bankruptcy issues that may arise with respect to the enforcement of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. To date, she and Co-Bankruptcy Counsel Patricia Molteni have been involved in close to a dozen separate bankruptcy filings by various tobacco companies, and have obtained payments to the states and/or into the states' escrow accounts of tens of millions of dollars.

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