National Association of Attorneys General

National Association of Attorneys General National Association of Attorneys General

Pennsylvania Former Attorneys General

Josh Shapiro 2016 - Present
Kathleen Kane 2012 - 2016
Gerald J. Pappert 2004 - 2005
Thomas W. Corbett, Jr. 1995 - 1997
Ermest D. Preate, Jr.  1989 - 1995
Leroy S. Zimmerman 1981 - 1989
Harvey Bartle, III Appointed: May 1980
Edward G. Biester, Jr. Appointed: Jan. 16, 1979
J. Justin Blewitt, Jr. 

Appointed: Jan. 1, 1979

Gerald Gornish Appointed: June 1978
Robin P. Kane Appointed: January 1975
Israel Packel Appointed: January 1973
J. Shane Creamer Appointed: January 1971
Fred Speaker Appointed: January 1970
William C. Sennett Appointed: January 1967
Edward Friedman Appointed: May 1966
Walter E. Alessandroni Appointed: January 1963
David Stahl Appointed: August 1961
Anne X. Alpern Appointed: January 1959
Harrington Adams Appointed: December 1958
Thomas D. McBride Appointed: December 1956
Herbert B. Cohen Appointed: January 1955
Frank F. Truscott Appointed: October 1953
Robert E. Woodside Appointed: March 1951
Charles J. Margiotti Appointed: July 1950
T. McKean Chidsey Appointed: January 1947
James H. Duff Appointed: Jan. 20, 1943
E. Russell Shockley Appointed: Jan. 1, 1943
Claude Trexler Reno Appointed: January 1939
Guy H. Bard Appointed: April 1938
Charles J. Margiotti Appointed: January 1935
Cyrus E. Woods Appointed: January 1929
Thomas J. Baldridge Appointed: January 1927
George W. Woodruff Appointed: January 1923
George E. Alter Appointed: December 1920
William I. Schaffer Appointed: January 1919
Francis Shunk Brown Appointed: January 1915
John C. Bell Appointed: January 1911
Moses Hampton Todd Appointed: January 1907
Hampton L. Carson Appointed: January 1903
John P. Elkin Appointed: January 1899
Henry C. McCormick Appointed: January 1985
W.U. Hensel Appointed: January 1891
William S. Kirkpatrick Appomted: January 1887
Lewis C. Cassidy Appointed: January 1883
Henry W. Palmer Appointed: February 1879
George Lear Appointed: December 1875
Samuel E. Dimmick Appointed: January 1873
F. Carroll Brewster Appointed: October 1869
Benjamin Harris Brewster Appointed: January 1867
William M. Meredith Appointed: June 1861
Samuel A. Purviance Appointed: January 1861
John C. Knox Appointed: January 1858
Thomas E. Franklin Appointed: January 1855
Francis W. Hughes

Appointed: March 1853

James Campbell Appointed: January 1852
Thomas E. Franklin Appointed: April 1851
Cornelius Darrah Appointed: January 1849
James Cooper Appointed: July 1848
Benjamin Champneys Appointed: December 1846
John M. Reed Appointed: June 1846
John K. Kane Appointed: January 1845
Ovid F. Johnson Appointed: January 1839
William B. Reed Appointed: March 1838
James Todd Appointed: December 1835
George M. Dallas Appointed: October 1833
Ellis Lewis Appointed: January 1833
Samuel Douglass Appointed: February 1830
Philip S. Marclay Appointed: August 1829
Amos Ellmaker Appointed: May 1828
Calvin Blythe Appointed: February 1828
Frederick Smith Appointed: December 1823
Thomas Elder Appointed: December 1820
Thomas Sergeant Appointed: July 7
Amos Ellmaker Appointed: December 1816
Jared Ingersoll Appointed: December 1811
Richard Rush Appointed: January 1811
Walter Franklin Appointed: January 1809
Mahlon Dickerson Appointed: July 1808
Joseph B. McKean Appointed: May 1800
Jared Ingersoll Appointed: August 1791
William Bradford Appointed: June 1791

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