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Faculty, Center for Legal Advocacy and Faculty Development

David Maas is an Assistant Attorney General and Deputy Director in the Criminal Litigation unit at the Wisconsin Department of Justice. David joined the office in 2008, having previously served as an Assistant District Attorney in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, for nine years. David primarily serves as the chief cyber crime and internet crimes against children prosecutor. He leads legal training of prosecutors and law enforcement at statewide, national, and international conferences in the area of cyber crime and emerging trends in digital evidence. David is a frequent instructor at statewide basic and advanced trial skills courses and has taught several trial skills courses for the National District Attorneys Association and NAGTRI. Drawing on a background of improvisational comedy and theater, David has developed trial skills courses on using theater techniques to enhance courtroom presentation, staging, and communication. David also led a 2020 NAGTRI webinar series on leadership and engagement in the remote work environment.