Gina Cabrejo joined NAAG in January 2018 as its NAGTRI criminal justice instructor for Latin American programs. She was born and raised in Colombia, South America. She is a Colombian attorney who specialized in diverse areas of law, including finance, banking, criminal prosecution, and management. Gina has held national positions applying the rule of law and fighting corruption. She trained other Colombian prosecutors during the country’s transition to its oral accusatory legal system on “Principio de Oportunidad,” a type of negotiation settlement. As a governmental attorney working with the Office of the Attorney General in Colombia, Gina prosecuted complex corruption, tax evasion, financial crimes, and fraud cases.  As a private attorney she counseled an investment bank in the merger of two companies. She possesses a master’s degree in International Law, LL.M. from Stetson University in Saint Petersburg, Florida, which complements her first degree in law. She is an exchange alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program. Given her expertise in inquisitorial and adversarial legal systems, she helps to facilitate trainings, increase communication and cooperation with other organizations, and develop domestic and international relationships for NAGTRI’s Center for International Partnerships and Strategic Collaboration (CIPS-C).