Karima Grady was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Management in 2003. She went on to live and work abroad for several years teaching English as a second language in Tokyo, South Korea, and Thailand. Upon returning to the States, Karima attended law school at Elon Law in Greensboro, North Carolina where she graduated in 2013.

Since beginning the practice of law, Karima has worked exclusively in service to others. Initially, she did a brief stint as a solo practitioner working in criminal defense, consumer protection and family law. From there she joined Maryland Legal Aid as a Staff Attorney specializing in child welfare matters. She later joined the Prince George’s County Office of Law where she worked in many units in that office including: child welfare, workers compensation and major litigation where she represented County employees in cases related to: civil rights violations and property and premises liability.
After leaving the County of Law, Karima switched her practice area to criminal law and joined the State’s Attorney’s Office for Prince George’s County as a prosecutor. While there, Karima served as a Senior Assistant State’s Attorney in the Juvenile Unit — training, litigating, and liaising with prospective diversion partners. In that role, she successfully litigated then defended a conviction all the way to the State Supreme Court related to a 4th amendment rights in a climate of decriminalized marijuana laws and legislative pressure. Presently, Karima works in the Quality Control and Management Unit where she balances a felony caseload with screening felony arrests with county and municipal police officers for legal viability, civil rights violations, pre-indictment pleas and alternative resolution. Additionally, she impanels, orients, and presents both witnesses and indictments to the sitting Grand Jury.