NAAG Roles

Faculty, Center for Legal Advocacy and Faculty Development

Karla E. Zarbo is an Assistant Attorney General in the Fair Labor Division with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, where she has handled civil, criminal, and administrative enforcement matters on behalf of the Division for the last 22 years. The Division is responsible for enforcement of the Commonwealth’s various Wage and Hour Laws, including the Wage Act, the Independent Contractor Misclassification Statute, Overtime and Premium Pay laws, as well as public construction bidding laws. She has focused on appellate litigation for the Division, as well as complex criminal prosecutions for prevailing wage violations, embezzlement from employer-sponsored retirement plans, and workers’ compensation premium evasion. She serves on the faculty for the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute, and during 2018, was a Supreme Court Fellow with the National Association of Attorneys General. Prior to her tenure with the Attorney General’s Office, she was an associate with Smith & Brink, P.C. in Quincy, specializing in insurance fraud litigation. While attending law school, she was an investigator for the Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau. Karla is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School.