Michael was appointed NAAG tobacco chief counsel in April 2013. He previously worked six years as NAAG deputy chief counsel of Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) payments.

Michael leads the NAAG tobacco team of four staff attorneys and two paralegals. They specialize in all matters related to tobacco, and in the MSA in particular. The staff is dedicated to helping the attorneys general of the signatory states (commonly known as “Settling States”) interpret, implement, enforce, and defend this 1998 agreement. The NAAG tobacco staff is devoted exclusively and long term to maintaining and strengthening the MSA and state regulation of the tobacco industry.

Prior to joining NAAG, Michael served as an assistant attorney general in the Consumer Protection and Antitrust division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. During his time there he worked on a number of initiatives relating to tobacco, including the action that ultimately resulted in the MSA. He also helped write, promulgate, and defend the first-in-the-nation Massachusetts Consumer Protection Regulations on tobacco products, which were intended to prevent access to tobacco by minors.

Michael is an avid cyclist and rides to work most days. He received his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.