NAAG Roles

Faculty, Center for Leadership Development

Monica N. Anderson is the Senior Assistant Attorney General for the Correctional Law Section of the California Attorney General’s Office, which litigates civil rights actions challenging the constitutionality of prison conditions. Ms. Anderson currently supervises over 100 attorneys and 20 paralegals throughout the state of California. Through litigation of class action cases, Ms. Anderson has become an expert in electronic discovery from a defense perspective. Ms. Anderson developed strategies for managing complex cases and for planning and managing the electronic discovery produced for complex litigation. In these class actions, hundreds of
thousands of pages of electronic evidence were collected from client agencies, privileged and produced to opposing counsel, following intensive research and demanding efforts. Ms. Anderson has played a vital role as an instructor of the National Association of Attorneys General Training  and was awarded Faculty of the Year in 2009 for her Electronically Stored Evidence (ESI) courses. Ms. Anderson has
trained hundreds of attorneys throughout the United States on managing and producing ESI in litigation. In addition to training for NAGTRI, the ABA and California State Bar, Ms. Anderson has trained hundreds of government attorneys in California on document retention policies, implementing litigation holds, reducing costs, and managing ESI. Ms. Anderson is a member of The Sedona Conference, Working Group One, and was a member of the drafting committee for The Sedona Conference Commentary on Metadata Ethics. Ms. Anderson received her J.D. from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California and has worked for the California Office of the Attorney General since 1996.