Phyllis Glazer grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, According to her mom, she was destined to be an attorney since her first word was “mom,” followed immediately by “no.” She graduated from Emory University in December, 2001, just 2 months after 9/11, and began Tulane Law School the following fall. As a 2L, Phyllis was hired as a law clerk in the New Orleans Regional Office of the Attorney General’s Litigation Division, where she remained through graduation in 2005. Phyllis learned she passed the bar exam in October of 2005, while she was evacuated due to Hurricane Katrina. She then returned to Louisiana, was sworn into the Louisiana Bar and as an Assistant Attorney General on the same day, then began her lengthy career with the Louisiana Attorney General. For the next ten years, Phyllis represented the state, state agencies, and employees in litigation matters—mostly civil rights, and primarily in federal court. She took a break from state employment for four years to gain some experience in private practice, then returned to the Attorney General’s Office in 2019, where she was a senior litigation specialist in the civil rights section until May, 2022, when she was promoted to the position of the Litigation Division’s Appeals Section Chief. Prior to joining the NAAG training faculty in 2023, Phyllis was a member of the Tulane Law School adjunct faculty for the Trial Advocacy semester-long class and for an intensive week-long class on pretrial litigation. In her free time, Phyllis enjoys reading novels and making origami, which she learned primarily from YouTube.