NAAG Roles

Center for Legal Advocacy and Faculty Development

Robert Henke began his public service career with the State of Indiana in 2007. He joined the Indiana Office of the Attorney General in 2013 as a deputy attorney general, and is currently the assistance section chief in civil appeals, in which position he oversees child welfare appeals and advises the client agency on trial practice. Prior to coming to the Office of the Attorney General, he first served as trial counsel, then as chief counsel of appeals, and later as deputy general counsel over trials and appeals with the Indiana Department of Child Services. Prior to his public service he practiced in the private sector in Chicago and Northwest Indiana as a litigator in diverse areas of law such as admiralty, commercial-corporate, eminent domain, and insurance defense. For over ten years he was a contributing writer for Matthew Bender (for such works as Bender Forms of Discovery, The New York Trial Guide, and The Illinois Trial Guide). He clerked in both the Federal and Indiana court systems. Since 2006, when time permits, he has served at two universities, teaching both graduate and undergraduate classes in writing, ethics, as well as business law and management. Since 2013, he has been honored to serve as a faculty member with the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute out of Washington, D.C.