Sarah R. Robbins is currently the First Assistant for the Corrections Division of the Michigan Department of Attorney General, where she oversees the defense of tort claims against the Michigan Department of Corrections, primarily 42 U.S.C. §1983 suits. AAG Robbins leads a team of three managers, three paralegals, and nineteen staff attorneys. This team handles over 800 tort cases annually, typically resulting in fifteen federal jury trials per year. Currently, AAG Robbins litigates civil rights claims, most frequently First Amendment retaliation claims, Eight Amendment allegations, and religious infringement claims.

Prior to joining the MI DAG, AAG Robbins worked for the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office, defending the Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. AAG Robbins has over a dozen years of litigation experience and has tried many cases, primarily jury trials. She has tried cases in both federal and state court. AAG Robbins has also argued in front of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Prior to becoming an AAG, she was a Judge Advocate General’s officer for the United States Army, with tours as a federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.

AAG Robbins is an alumna of the Tulane University Law School, where she received her Juris Doctor degree. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from Northern Arizona University.