Case Details


Attorney General Ethics

Filing State



Kansas Supreme Court




In the Matter of Phillip Dean Kline, No. 106,870 (Kansas, Oct. 18, 2013)


Former attorney general and county attorney was found to have viiolated the Kansas Rules of Profesional Conduct in connection with an investigation of abortion clinics

Case Description

Kansas Supreme Court held that the client of the attorney general is the public and that he violated his obligations to the public byengaging in “dishonest conduct.” These actions also violated “rules implicating Kline’s duty to the legal system” because he “engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.” the court found that even if there was no monetary damage to any party,” As Kansas Attorney General and later as Johnson County District Attorney, Kline held positions of particular honor, responsibility, and trust . . . When Kline violated rules regulating his professional conduct, he betrayed that trust, causing “incalculable harm to the public’s perception” of both offices. . . . ” Because he was a highly visible member of the legal profession, “Kline’s misconduct reflects poorly on his profession and the legal system with even greater prominence than might otherwise be the case.”