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Attorney General Testimonial Immunity

Filing State



U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida




United States v. Cadet, No. 10-80149-CR-MARRA (S.D. Fla., July 22, 2013)


Attorney General not required to testify as to Congressional statements

Case Description

In a federal criminal case brought against a doctor who was charged with distribution of controlled substances, defendant did not argue that the attorney general had any knowledge of the defendant or any facts in the case, but sought her testimony about a statement made to a Congressional committee which defendant argued “indicat[es] that the actions which are the basis for the charges pending against [the defendant] in this case were legal.” In her Congressional testimony, the attorney general stated, “These doctors who we call drug dealers wearing white coats are sitting in a back room just signing prescription pads, and it was legal, and it was killing our kids.” The court concluded, “Nothing the Attorney General said could be construed as providing any factual statements or legal conclusions relative to Defendant’s specific conduct in this case which is governed by federal law.”