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Employee Spotlight

Lakuita Bittle, Project Assistant, Supreme Court, Antitrust, and Civil Rights

Lakuita Bittle is a body constantly in motion. As the project assistant for the Supreme Court, Antitrust and Civil Rights projects, Lakuita is online downloading briefs for volunteer attorneys serving on NAAG’s Moot Court panels. She’s updating NAAG’s website with information on recent Supreme Court decisions and tracking down reports or model legislation for states.

By mid-day, she’s shifting gears to coordinate a conference call on mergers or starting the registration process for the next training conference.

“The very first day I started at NAAG, we held the Civil Rights Seminar so I had to just jump right in the water,” Lakuita said. “Now, I support two annual Supreme Court meetings and two annual Antitrust meetings too. I do a little bit of everything.”

She most recently became a notary public and has quickly earned the title of “Power User” for the Association’s new iMIS software, a new customer relationship management database that helps NAAG manage all of its membership data, demographic information, meeting calendar and other contact information.

Lakuita came to NAAG in September 2006 with a passion for public service and a desire to go to law school. The Asheboro, North Carolina native is thrilled with the practical skills she’s learned working at NAAG.

“I really love my job,” Lakuita said. “Everyone is so supportive of my desire to go to law school and I have three great mentors.”

As a sociology and criminal justice major, the 2003 High Point University graduate has always leaned toward working with juveniles with an eye towards family law.

In addition to studying for the LSAT in the evenings and on weekends, Lakuita finds time to volunteer at a nearby homeless shelter, tutor college students, coach and play softball, sing in her church and play the flute and clarinet.

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