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Start: March 30

End: March 31

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Molly Flanagan



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This intensive, online advocacy course consists of on-demand lessons covering different aspects of depositions, followed by a live, two-day online session where participants will conduct and defend depositions based on a fictional case file. The on-demand lessons consist of videos, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and next steps for participants to prepare for the live session. The training will teach participants to:

  • Develop a strategy for deposing witnesses, guided by a clear case theory.
  • Use best practices for discovering information from a deponent.
  • Obtain admissions and engage in theory testing when deposing a witness.
  • Overcome obstructive and aggressive tactics from a difficult deponent and opposing counsel.
  • Effectively defend a deposition through witness preparation and strategic use of objections.

Participants will need to complete the on-demand lessons and self-work prior to the live session, which are estimated to take 6.5-7.5 hours to complete.

Scholarship Nominations

Nominations are closed.

This course is recommended for newer attorneys and attorneys with less experience with discovery depositions. It is open to attorney general staff only.

NAGTRI is pleased to offer space for one participant per jurisdiction to attend this virtual training. All office nominators are encouraged to submit up to two nominees, with a guaranteed acceptance of the first ranked individual.

CLE Credit

Individuals who full attend and participate in this training will eligible for CLE credit. View NAGTRI’s CLE policy.

If you or anyone in your office has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Molly Flanagan at mflanagan@naag.org.