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NAAG Meetings

Welcome. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) convenes over 100 meetings and trainings each year.  NAAG meetings focus on being substantively relevant, foster an atmosphere of engagement and collegiality, and provide opportunities to develop meaningful professional relationships among the attorneys general, AG staff, and representatives from government, academia, associations and companies.

To access materials and recorded sessions from past meetings, please click 'Video and Other AV Archive'.

Annual Meetings

Starting in 2019, NAAG annual meetings changed names, formats and locations. The annual NAAG Capital Forum will take place in December in Washington, D.C. It is when NAAG leadership elections will be held, annual awards given, and new and departing AGs recognized. It is open to paid public registration. The annual NAAG Attorney General Symposium will be held in the spring and will rotate location each year to a city approved by the NAAG Executive Committee. One and a half days will be open to paid public registration; the other day and a half meeting days are closed for AG and AG staff only. See below for inaugural meeting dates. .


The Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG), a separate organization from NAAG, organizes and hosts its own meetings. Questions about CWAG meetings should be directed to CWAG Meeting Manager and Event Coordinator Alejandra Stephens.

Annual NAAG regional meetings are held at the discretion of the region chair. For meeting materials and recordings please go to the 'Video and Other AV Archive'.

    Meetings to be determined.

Other NAAG Meetings

The National Association of Attorneys General convenes meetings each year on antitrust, bankruptcy and consumer protection issues. Meeting dates and locations are listed below.

NAGTRI Trainings

National Courses

Regional Courses

    Trainings to be determined.


    Trainings to be determined.

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Meetings & Trainings

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Gordon MacDonald, New Hampshire Attorney General

Gordon MacDonaldis the attorney general of New Hampshire.