National Association of Attorneys General

National Association of Attorneys General National Association of Attorneys General

Annual Meetings

  • Attorney General Symposium
    April 20-22, 2020
    Denver, Colorado
  • Chief Deputies/Chiefs of Staff Meeting
    May 13-15, 2020
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Presidential Summit
    August 13-14, 2020
    Big Sky, Montana
  • Capital Forum
    November 30 - December 3, 2020
    Washington, District of Columbia
  • Starting in 2019, NAAG annual meetings changed names, formats and locations. The annual NAAG Capital Forum will take place in December in Washington, D.C. It is when NAAG leadership elections will be held, annual awards given, and new and departing AGs recognized. It is open to paid public registration.

    The annual NAAG Attorney General Symposium will be held in the spring and will rotate location each year to a city approved by the NAAG Executive Committee. One and a half days will be open to paid public registration; the other day and a half meeting days are closed for AG and AG staff only. See below for inaugural meeting dates.

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    Meetings & Trainings

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    AG Spotlight

    Gordon MacDonald, New Hampshire Attorney General

    Gordon MacDonaldis the attorney general of New Hampshire.