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U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York

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Urethane Applicators, Inc., S.D. Carruthers Sons, Inc., Gerard Carruthers, F.J. Dahill Co., Inc., Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc., Hygrade Insulators, Inc., Robert Piccione, J.J. D. Urethane, Inc. and John DiNenna (polyurethane roofing contractors)

Case Description

U.S. Department of Justice had obtained a series of pleas from or convictions of companies involved in a conspiracy to rig bids on public and private polyurethane roofing contracts in the Northeast. New York investigated and concluded that projects in New York were subject to that bid-rigging conspiracy. Defendants had previously been indicted and pled or were found guilty as a result of the D.O.J prosecution in Pennsylvania.. All defendants agreed to injunctive provisions and settled with NY.