The NAAG Center for Excellence in Governance (CEG) is devoted to strengthening individual and collective leadership among state attorneys general by establishing platforms to study and discuss the responsibilities of public leadership and service. 

The Center achieves its mission through: 

  • Enhancing civil, bipartisan dialogue and engagement among attorneys general. 
  • Helping attorneys general respond to the challenges inherent in elected office. 
  • Facilitating the exercise of thoughtful and committed leadership in contemporary context. 


The CEG works to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and insights among the attorney general community through: 

  • The annual Leadership Institute that provides a confidential environment for attorneys general to build and nurture relationships while studying and discussing the responsibilities of public leadership.  
  • The Leadership Institute for Chief Deputy Attorneys General that serves as an educational opportunity for participants to work with their peers and gain a greater understanding of ethical and moral principles. 
  • A peer-to-peer exchange program that fosters relationships between two attorneys general of opposite parties in a collaborative learning environment. 
  • Collaboration with the National Constitution Center (NCC) in a series of bipartisan town hall events featuring attorneys general discussing current constitutional and legal issues. 

Email CEG Director Mike Kuykendall at for additional information about these programs. 

Planning Committee Members

For more information, contact:

Mike Kuykendall
NAAG Center for Excellence in Governance Director

Faisal Sheikh
NAGTRI Program Counsel