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Volume 1, Number 3

Congress Extends Deadline for Negotiations as Discussions Continue on Consumer, Finance and Health Bills
Blair Tinkle, Legislative Director
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are facing hectic schedules as they address a variety of issues before going home for the holidays, not to return until 2008, the final year of the 110th Congress and a presidential election year. As is usually the case, the appropriations process is deadlocked, but Congress bought a new deadline for negotiations by passing a Continuing Resolution until December 14, 2007. Congressional leaders have indicated that they intend to address a farm bill, an energy bill, an Alternative Minimum Tax, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and agreement on spending bills.
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NAAG Assumes National Leadership of Executive Working Group on Prosecutorial Relations
Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter and Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett
Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter and Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett have been chosen to serve as co-chairs of the Executive Working Group of Prosecutorial Relations (EWG) for the next year. The EWG is comprised of principal representatives from NAAG, the National District Attorneys Association and the U.S. Department of Justice. The group was formed more than 30 years ago in an effort to increase cooperation among federal, state and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies.
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FTC Pledges to Retain Numbers from the National Do-Not-Call Registry
Ellen Ryan, Project Manager and Counsel, Consumer Protection and Telemarketing Fraud
Consumers who registered their telephone number with the National Do-Not-Call Registry may not have to worry about re-registering their phone number every five years under new legislation proposed in Congress that makes one-time registration permanent.
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State Attorneys General Play Leading Role in Natural Resource Damage Cases
Paula Cotter, Environment Project Director and Chief Counsel
State Attorneys General often serve as counselors to state government agencies and legislatures and must act as representatives of the public interest. Restoration efforts can have an enormous impact on a state?s environmental resources and affect the public?s health and safety. As natural resource damage assessments and restoration play a growing role in the much larger scheme of environmental protection, Attorneys General are increasingly taking the lead in these types of cases.
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NAAG Addresses End-of-Life Health Care Issues
Judy McKee, End of Life Health Care Project Coordinator and Counsel
In an effort to help the public sort through the increasingly complex legal and social questions surrounding end-of-life health care, the National Association of Attorneys General End-of-Life Health Care Project has tackled one of the most basic of consumer issues: How can states ensure that its citizens? desires concerning treatment at the end of their lives are honored? What changes in a state?s laws or regulations are necessary in order to ensure that its citizens will be afforded adequate pain relief during their lives and in their waning days? What can Attorneys General offices do to educate constituents about advance medical directives and health care powers of attorney?
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Employee Spotlight
Tracye Payne Wilson
It has been nearly 15 years ago since Tracye Payne Wilson first started her career at NAAG as a secretary. Back then, there were no more than 20 staffers at NAAG. She worked on a clunky DOS computer system for most of the day, and used a typewriter for various projects. There was no spell-check function on her computer, no Internet and no voice mail.
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