NAAG's efforts in International Partnerships and Strategic Collaboration seeks collaboration with international partners on behalf of the attorney general community. NAAG' commitment to global stewardship is strengthened by:

  • Conducting training and leading projects aimed at increasing justice sector reform and capacity building for domestic and international justice personnel and organizations.
  • Organizing programs to bring together international participants to collaborate on challenging global issues facing prosecutors and civil servants.
  • Partnering with civil society organizations and the attorney general community to foster domestic and international cooperation.
  • Hosting an annual International Fellows program through which prosecutors from around the world meet in Washington, D.C., and New York to discuss best practices and strategies to combat the most pressing and emerging legal challenges involving transnational crime. Since 2010, the International Fellows program has hosted nearly 200 Fellows from nearly 70 countries.
  • Working and building partnerships to combat human trafficking

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Gina Cabrejo
Senior Counsel

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