About Multistate Litigation and Settlements

Multistate litigation, which includes any coordinated litigation among two or more attorneys general against the same defendant(s), is an important tool attorneys general can use in enforcing antitrust, consumer protection, and environmental laws. By working together to investigate alleged misconduct and bring joint lawsuits against defendants, attorneys general can combine resources to achieve more impactful results. In addition to financial compensation for states and their citizens, multistate settlements can bring about additional industry oversight and corporate commitments to prevent future violations of the law.

How to Use the Database

The searchable database below contains comprehensive information related to multistate settlements between attorneys general and private entities from the early 1980s to the present.

The database can be searched by:

  • Keyword
  • Settling entities
  • Issue area
  • Settlement date
  • Lead and participating state(s)
  • Number of participating states
  • Federal agency involvement
  • Settlement amount
  • Industry type

Clicking the plus sign to the left of each entry will provide additional information about each settlement, including a description of the allegations, the states involved, key settlement terms, and links to settlement documents (when available). Multiple filters can be used simultaneously to further narrow results.

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